StyleXTech NYFW Sept 2016
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styleX eXperience 2016 showcasing the new DNA of Fashion and Tech returns in September during New York Fashion Week. Hosted by Katlean de Monchy, CEO and Editor, neXtpert. The 3rd Edition of styleX eXperience provides a full schedule of interactive innovation introductions never seen ... Read more...

TechCrunch 2016 – Max Montrey From Trace Talks Athletic Tracking Devices
TechCrunch 2016 – Richard Defrancisco of Cujo Talks Home Safety

TechCrunch 2016 – Richard Defrancisco of Cujo Talks Home Safety

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The first mobile fashionXtech Lounge on the Ride, was a fashion/tech innovative showcase by Nextpert Katlean de Monchy, who introduced brand new fashion tech products, like the Dream Dream machine by Brother, Phorus, OKU and myCharge, who gave away free pink phone chargers. On the last rid... Read more...

Best of CES 2014
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Lifestyle reporter Katlean de Monchy brings you the best of the giant International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. "Now you can measure hard blows to the head" If you play contact sports -- or are the parent of an athlete -- you're worried about concussions. Now, though, a new tec... Read more...

Perfect Drink Maker
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This holiday season you can make a perfect drink every time with this App and scale available exclusively at Brookstone. You can select drinks by theme so even if you have no clue what drink to make for a certain themed party this drinkmaker will make you look like a professional bartender. Takes... Read more...

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For people who have a paper or digital mess NEAT allows you to organize your receipts so you can easily organize them and link them to popular software programs like TurboTax and Quicken. You can also organize your business cards. Read more...