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The Technology Revolution has already or is about to change every industry on Earth. We have seen taxis revolved by Uber, hotels disrupted by AirBnB, and cars that drive themselves from several tech giants. That is old news. Now if you look around and see industries and markets that are crying out for innovation you can rest assured that change is coming. One example is education, another is home building, another is the Federal, State and City governments.. How about trucking? – you can spot these revolutions all around.

Two of the technologies that are spearheading change are Artificial Intelligence and Virtual. AI has been around more than 60 years, from Turing to Google, is now becoming a toddler, still not a kid or an adult. You can envision AI and machine learning affecting every market. We will be doing a report on AI very soon.

The other technology is Virtual, from virtual worlds, to virtual reality, to augmented reality to mixed reality. Companies like unicorn Magic Leap, with a valuation that might soon be approaching $8 billion, is a mixed reality leader. Virtual reality, after twice stumbling at the starting gate, may be finally happening because of the influx of capital and so many major companies, media and brands are prodding it.

Note: David Post has been involved in AI through AI expert systems and is involved in virtual worlds and VR through Next Island.


AI is not just fascinating, it is fearsome, because many people see AI as a displacer of jobs. It may be the AI Revolution approaching, but the both Industrial Revolution and Internet Revolution brought positive change long term; We recently attended a lecture run by Tech 2025 and led by Dr, James Fan, one of the most famous people you never heard of. Dr. Fan at IBM Watson created the application which pitted Watson against the two greatest Jeopardy players ever. Guess who won? Yes machine over man! While in issues to come we will bring you predictions and observations from Dr. Fan, we want to bring you something fascinating from the attendees at this lecture.

The question was for groups of four – what industries or parts of our lives will change by 2030?

Our favorite audience answer was
* A physical house where rooms could move around depending upon the needs of the owner – constantly reconfiguring the home based on your specific needs.

Others were:
* AI in the brain – brain implants and screens in eyeballs
* Credits cards disappear replaced by your face as your ID
* Robots that can sense your needs and fulfill them
* No more money – cash will not be needed
* Recommendation engine of all the data out there
* Education – you learn what you want
* Personal Executive Assistant – that is virtual
* Not enough $$ – pooling money becomes more prevalent
* Healthcare – identifies everything about you
* AI will be part of art and music – what if the AI is the better artist or musician?
* Robots that recognize your moods and adjusts
* OK – what about you? Give us the things that will change because of AI and we will publish them. send to


Tech Crunch Disrupt in NYC May 15-16-17 Part One

We all have no time so we decided to make our blog and reports short. Look for the bold faces to get the key emphasis.

Derek Jeter introduces Players Tribune

Derek Jeter introduces Players Tribune

Among the first presenters was legendary baseballer Derek Jeter, fresh from having his uniform number retired at Yankee Stadium. Derek and his partner own Players Tribune which provides fans with the athletes perspective. They produce athlete podcasts among other services – yes storytelling by the source. The big takeaway is that the source’s personal perspective can and will expand to other markets where gossip is rampant. One example is the film and TV industry where actors, directors and producers can tell their stories directly to the public.

Steve Case speaking at TechCrunch 2017

Steve Case speaking at TechCrunch 2017

Steve Case famous for founding AOL and infamous for engineering the AOL – Time Warner merger, spoke about the Third Wave of the Internet – first being interconnection/Access, the Second being Apps on top, and now he sees the Third Wave which is bringing new technologies and market/industry disruption. He sees this disruption in agriculture and healthcare as two examples. He preaches that every city will be a great source of innovation and specialization and lower valuations. He said GO HOME and visit your home town and see what is being specialized in there.

There was a plethora of exhibitors, nearly all early stage – startups. One very interesting technology was Visionlabs from Russia, where the user can take a selfie and in one second you get an avatar – as if you came alive.

VisionLabs face mapping technology

VisionLabs face mapping technology

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